I’m Megan, 25 years young and I love to write. That’s the reason I’m here; to write all about my travels, wedding planning and life in general and hope that my readers find it as interesting as I do! I love sharing news and stories with friends and family so I decided why not put it out there for people to read and as my nearest and dearest know, wherever I go a story will follow.

I was born and bred in a small village in the UK called Adlington and I’ve spent most of my life here, aside from a couple of years on the beautiful island of Malta, which I reference in my posts. I have a passion for content writing, do this for a job but also love doing this in my personal time.

So, sit back, relax and get ready for A LOT of content, mostly featuring my fiancee as my travel buddy, my bridal party as we embark on a strict wedding planning schedule (newly engaged bridezilla) and my closest as I get up to all sorts in general.

Coronavirus? No Thanks.

Quite frankly I’m done with the media scaremongering surrounding the coronavirus so instead I’d like to talk about anything else!

We booked our Wedding Photographer

I can’t explain to you how excited I am that we’ve booked our wedding photographer. With Jake and I being in the photography/videography industry it didn’t take much time to figure out

Twenty Twenty

Here I am in January 2020 making a ‘new years resolution’ to blog more! Part of me wonders whether new years resolutions are a good idea or whether it should be seen

A Summer To Remember

UK travels, rain and sunshine, Malta memories and good times. My Summer has been jam-packed! So much has happened since my last blog back in July.

Climbing Snowdon

Since tackling Ben Nevis back in April this year, Jake and I had been wanting to tackle other hikes across the UK. This time we challenged ourselves to Snowdon.

Getting one up on RyanAir

I’d be surprised if you told me you’d never once flown with RyanAir. With their cheap and regular flights it’s so easy to book with the airline and save your pennies, or

Lloret de Mar

3 words to describe our time in Lloret de Mar; sunbathing, pub crawls and paella! A few months ago for my birthday Jake suggested going away for a weekend, we’re always so

Caravan Weekend

After all the rain we’ve been having in the UK we definitely needed some sunshine, especially seen as we’re nearly in July and summer time should have well and truly started by