So much of who we are is where we have been.

That quote is so true for me. Back in August 2017 Jake and I made the decision to leave Adlington for a warmer climate and move abroad. We’d been stuck between travelling or buying our own home and after a few months of consideration we decided we wanted to try living abroad before anything else, we’d saved up enough money by Summer and bought our one way tickets out to Malta.

Many people have asked me ‘why Malta?’ and the reason being both Jake and I love that beautiful island. Jake has been spending his summers in Malta since he was a child and when Jake and I made things official I started spending my summer holidays out there with him and his family and I completely fell in love with it. There is always a big group of us and we always stay in Bugibba, possibly the most British area on the island but still a great place to stay! So, that is how we made our decision to move there. We travelled over on 4th August 2017 with Jake’s family and close friends and we spent two weeks enjoying ourselves in the sun before everyone had to leave. It’s a really difficult thing, saying bye to your family and friends (even though we were only a few hours flight away) and it became quite daunting to face the fact we now had to set up our lives, on our own, in another country!

We settled in fairly quick as we’d already sourced an apartment, we got used to our surroundings and found ourselves work. The one factor that took the longest time was setting up with the bank, getting our ID cards and finding our routine together but after a few months we’d got the hang of it and properly started our new chapter in Malta. We’ve experienced good times and bad times together whilst in Malta and I believe the experience has really made us both grow, it’s brought about opportunities so amazing that we never expected and we’ve met some incredible people along the way.

We started out living in Gzira, a town in the central region of Malta. We lived in a cosy apartment here for our first year and spent our days (when we weren’t working) strolling along the promenade, drinking beer in the sunshine and partying at night. Whilst we enjoyed our time in Gzira, both Jake and I love living out in the countryside so in August 2018 we made the decision to travel further North and moved in to a bigger apartment in Mellieha with beach views and village vibes; a decision I’m really glad we made. We’ve been able to experience the hustle and bustle of a town and also the chilled vibe of a village near the beach and for that I feel extremely grateful.

We’ve explored every inch of the island, something that we made an effort to do. We knew we wouldn’t be living there for the rest of our lives so we always made the most of our free time; even venturing over to Gozo and Comino, two islands off Malta. The photos and videos we’ve got will last us a lifetime and perfectly depict how well our time was spent out there. As I’m sure you’re all aware, we’ve now moved back to Adlington to start the next chapter of our lives; saving for a home and planning our wedding and I do admit, I really miss Malta, the lifestyle we had and the friends we made and of course, the weather but we’ve made such amazing memories that we can always look back on and I’m sure this isn’t the end of our travels. It definitely isn’t the end of Malta, as Creative Individuals has ongoing work on the island, we have clients who we still work with and Jake travels back and forth, so we’ve not completely moved on! For anyone thinking of travelling to Malta, whether it be for a holiday or longer, I would strongly recommend it, it’s a beautiful place with so many hidden gems and has a great balance of adventure, relaxation and nightlife.