Tonight, on Love Island!

I’m not ashamed to admit, Love Island is probably one of my favourite programmes ever and I’m way too excited that it comes back on our screens tonight. I’m ready to see which islanders couple up and how they all get along initially and I’m also so so excited to see all the drama that goes down throughout the series (I do love a bit of draams). I’ve watched Love Island since Olivia Buck and Alex Bowen all the way up to Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham and I’ve never got bored of it; the relationships, the fall outs and the ridiculous tasks. I’ve already seen the lineup and have an idea of the type of people going in and I do think this year it will make for an interesting one, especially with the girls as they all seem so different. One reason I enjoy watching Love Island is the outfits. With it being aired just before summer I love to get an idea of bikinis and evening outfits from what the girls are wearing. However, it does show how easily led people can be watching this programme and I guess that brings me to quite a controversial subject.

Like I said, I really enjoy watching Love Island and anticipate it every year but recently I read an article in the Mirror about one applicant who had gone to extreme lengths to try and secure a place on Love Island. This applicant spent £15,000 on surgery only to be rejected when it came to shortlisting for the show… £15,000 on surgery just to impress producers of a TV show. She’d explained in the article that she had a boob lift, boob reduction and Brazilian bum lift to achieve the ‘skinny look you see on Love Island’. She explained that she had seen girls with surgical enhancements go on to have a great career and make money. Whilst I’m not against surgery and believe if someone has an insecurity they want to change they can do so with the right advice, however when it comes to this extreme circumstance all because someone has been so pressured by TV and social media to change their appearance it doesn’t sit well with me.

I would say I’m on Instagram for about 5 hours a day in total and whilst most of my time is finding inspiration or following people’s stories (being a nosey bugger) sometimes I find myself looking at the lives of Instagram influencers and wondering why I’m not as slim and tanned as them or why I can’t afford the beautiful clothes they wear and the make up they use. I always try and be completely positive when using social media but the pressures of these platforms can affect anyone. It makes me really sad to think of girls who are badly affected by social media, going to extreme lengths to achieve perfection when no one in this world is perfect. I wear fake tan every day, don’t usually leave the house without makeup and treat myself to nice clothes once in a while but these are just little things that make me feel more confident and happy in myself. I have considered small surgical procedures before, like lip fillers or a jaw enhancement but when I actually take time out to appreciate other things in life I realise that none of that is necessary and I’m so glad personally I’ve never had anything done. I’m a young woman and I accept my insecurities.

I guess my point is, when you’re scrolling through Instagram or watching Love Island you should see it positively. Watch a TV show for enjoyment rather than questioning why you might be so different to those on screen. Scroll through your social feed and be inspired by what you see, not disheartened. Instead of spending money on surgery, go out and exercise, eat well and surround yourself with positive people (even those on social media who you don’t know). This is why I can enjoy watching Love Island, because I don’t compare myself to those on screen, instead especially this year I’ll be using it as inspiration to attend my regular boogie bounce sessions at the gym and buying in tasty, healthy food (even though I’ll treat myself to sweets, as I am doing whilst writing this, don’t judge me) so I can feel confident in my bikinis on holiday in my own skin!