So far I’ve written ten posts for my blog. I had a steady pace of publishing a blog or uploading a picture every other night to Facebook and I thought I could keep that up, but I haven’t. I’ve felt quite disappointed in myself that I’ve not kept up with the pace with one reason being, I’ve had a bit of mental block this past week. I’ve not felt entirely creative and I couldn’t think of something to write about. So I’ve decided to write about this.

I feel like I’ve really put pressure on myself to post something on certain days at set times when really I’m writing my blog for fun. I enjoy writing about my experiences and if there’s something I feel quite passionate about I like writing it all down and sharing it with people. So I’ve decided I need to get back to my initial mindset of posting what I want, when I want and realising it’s okay to have a mental block and not write about something just for the sake of it. I’ve always been a fairly creative person and I really enjoy being creative, writing fun content or designing websites and branding. That’s what I’ve been doing for Creative Individuals recently; I must be using all my creativity for my work, then when it comes to my blog I’m like… (tumbleweed) but that’s okay because I really enjoy my work.

I do have lots of fun plans coming up, with it getting closer to summer we’ve got holidays, caravan weekends and of course, Adlington carnival! I’ve got a few blog ideas in the pipeline and look forward to writing them.