To celebrate my wonderful hubby to be’s birthday, I’ll dedicate this post to him.

Jake and I have quite an eventful story so I’ll start from the beginning. I’ll guess it was around 2011, I decided to have a house party (without my parents permission, shh they’ll never know!). I was 16 and leaving school so I wanted one last party with school friends before moving on to other things. The party started, I’d had quite a bit to drink and heard a knock on the door. I’m quite a generous person especially after a few drinks so I thought I’ll let these guys in, luckily for me one of them was Jake. I’ll be completely honest I spent the night telling my friends how much I fancied him but never actually told him. That night passed and I didn’t see him again, until 2012.

It was 2012, I was in college (for the 6 months I lasted) and had made new friends so along with old school friends I decided to throw another party, I made sure to get permission for this one though! It was fancy dress and everyone dressed up from pink onesies to Mario Kart characters and french maids, a whole array of different costumes. Included in my guests was Jake’s sister Leah so I’m sure you can guess what happens next. Jake got wind there was a party in Adlington and decided to show up. Again. I told my friends how much I fancied him. Again. That night also passed and I didn’t see him, until 2013.

Now this is where it gets ‘romantic’. I was on a night out in Chorley and as usual the time had come to go to AJ’s. At this point in my life Chorley was the answer to everything and a night out just wouldn’t be good enough without a trip to AJ’s. I was dancing, VK in hand (as usual) and noticed someone on the dance floor doing his two step, it was Jake. I decided to pluck up the courage, not that I needed much after a few drinks and go over to him. Jake and I along with our friends decided to get a taxi together back home so had our post-night out meal at Maccies and head home (like I said, romantic!). Since that meeting we began speaking more and bumping in to each other especially over the Aggy carnival weekend. I won’t even go in to detail about our conversations because they were awkward and random at best.

As time went on I decided I kind of liked this guy, so I invited him out to the pub, kind of like a first date. As you can see all of these stories revolve around alcohol and I can assure you this is the only way I would have the courage to speak to a boy I liked. Unfortunately this time round I got way too drunk before he arrived (pre-date nerves let’s say). We spent a few hours with friends in the pub which are very vague, went to Maccies (again) then went home. Not the best first date but something quite typical for me and Jake.

Our relationship progressed, slowly but surely. I still couldn’t get him to buy me a drink when we went out (that lasted for a good few months, luckily I liked him enough!) and I don’t remember him asking me out, I was too drunk. Again. So let me tell you this story: at one point, every year I would go to The Cardwell, a village pub and celebrate bonfire night. When Jake and I started dating he would go too. As a group we all got drunk and Jake asked if he could walk me home, a good decision made by all really. The thing is, I couldn’t remember that walk home. The next morning Jake asked if I wanted to go to his house and watch a film, which obviously I agreed to. It was an awkward evening to say the least, all I could think was ‘oh god what did I do last night that I don’t remember’ but it was time for me to leave. As I walked out of the front door, Jake shouted ‘Do you want to then or what?!’ I responded, very confused and asked what he meant, with his answer being ‘Do you want to go out with me or what?’. In a slight state of shock I agreed. It turns out Jake had asked me to be his girlfriend the night before to which I agreed but couldn’t remember when I woke up, I only found this out about a year down the line!

Since becoming official we’ve been through everything together; the good and the bad and that’s what has proven our relationship. We’ve lived together, worked together, laughed, cried and celebrated together. Without getting too deep and cheesy, he really is my best mate. We have the best nights out together and when we lived in Malta all we wanted to do was go for food or cocktails or explore together because we just love each others company. This year we’ll have been together for 6 years and it has flown by but there are so many chapters ahead of us. Here’s to being one year closer to 30, you old man. Love you xxx