Sunshine at last!

After all the rain we’ve been having in the UK we definitely needed some sunshine, especially seen as we’re nearly in July and summer time should have well and truly started by now! A few months back I’d organised a caravan trip with friends for this weekend just gone, hoping that we would have good weather and I’ve got to admit as time went on I had my doubts. Even though you can still enjoy yourself in crap weather (as we found out in Keswick!) it does put a dampener on your plans. Anyway, we still wanted a weekend away so stuck to our plans in the hope of better weather.

My parents have a caravan in Benllech, Anglesey and I’ve been going every year since I was 10. I’ve made so many memories there from making friends, swimming in the sea, riding my bike and just generally growing up on an amazing caravan site. As a family we’ve spent bank holidays and special occasions camping, chatting and drinking until it goes dark and made the most incredible memories. Right now we’re definitely making the most of being able to go to the caravan as unfortunately on our site there is a 14 year rule, where caravans any older than 14 years from new have to be moved off the site or a new one bought. That means this year could be our last, the end of an era but we definitely made up for it this weekend!

As Jake and I work from home we can literally work anywhere with WiFi so we decided to drive down to the caravan on Friday morning and spend the day up there before others arrived. As soon as we got to Anglesey you could see the improvement in the weather meaning we were able to sit out on the decking for the day. We have an amazing view from our van right across Benllech beach and Red Wharf Bay and you can sit there for hours just taking in the views in the sunshine. Night time came, the others arrived and we treated ourselves to curry night because why not! We had a few drinks, played board games and went to bed ready for a full day in the sun on Saturday.

Saturday morning was absolutely glorious! The sun was beaming from sunrise meaning there was only one thing to do… beach! I do love Benllech beach as there’s a chippy, a beach shop and ice cream counter, everything you need for a sunny day out. We picked up a few games to take with us and spent hours playing cricket, sunbathing, chatting and dog watching. I’m a real sucker for dogs, I adore them and will spot one from a mile off so I was completely in my element at the beach, especially when I got to play with the cutest, 4 month old Jack Russell I’d ever seen! Anyway I’m going off topic. After all the excitement at the beach we needed to wet our whistle, so our evening ended up turning in to a pub crawl before heading back to the van for a barbecue and drinks on the decking. A perfect sunny Saturday.

With a bit of a fuzzy head we all packed up on Sunday morning ready to head out for the day before going home. One of my favourite places on Anglesey is South Stack and I’ve only recently visited for the first time thanks to my mum and dad. It’s the most westerly point in Anglesey, just west of Holyhead meaning on a clear day you can see across to Ireland. I think the landscape really looks Irish which is why I love the area so much, you do forget you’re in Anglesey. A small island just off Anglesey hosts a lighthouse which really is an amazing sight to see and against the high cliffs it makes for an amazing photo! A ten minute drive away from South Stack is Trearddur Bay, a seaside resort with cafes and a landscape I’ve never seen in the UK before. The seafront has rock formations that you just wouldn’t expect on a beach, it’s so different to any other beach I’ve experienced at home. We made Trearddur Bay our final stop, grabbing a bite to eat and a quick walk along the beach before heading home. We all had such a good weekend and I can’t wait for the next one!