3 things to describe our time in Lloret de Mar; sunbathing, pub crawls and paella!

A few months ago for my birthday Jake suggested going away for a weekend, we’re always so busy so the only time we found to go on our jollies was this weekend just gone. Initially we wanted to do a city break, like Amsterdam but after some consideration we both decided we wanted a beach break. We’re both so busy and we definitely needed a chill! I’ve got a really bad habit of constantly checking for cheap flights on Sky Scanner (even when we’re skint!), I’ve found a trick of searching at certain times and widening your search when you can’t decide where to go on a budget. I usually search mid week but especially on a Tuesday morning; for some reason flight prices drop dramatically mid week in the mornings. For our set off destination I searched ‘UK’ as we’re always willing to travel from any airport within a couple of hours from home if the price is good and then in destination I searched ‘Everywhere’. We looked at a few holiday destinations but there was one that really caught our eye, Girona, a city in Spain’s Catalonia Region. I’d never heard of it before so we did our research and realised Lloret de Mar was only 30 minutes away from that airport. I’d been when I was 4 so didn’t remember Lloret but I know a lot of people who had been much more recently and said they enjoyed it, so we thought why not! Cheap flights, cheap accommodation and a few days in the Spanish sunshine.

Like most people travelling on a budget, we flew with Ryan Air from Liverpool. I’ve got a luggage tip for savvy flyers which I’ll be writing about very soon! Whilst the wait in the airport was great, supping a few pre-holiday drinks our flight was dreadful (I’m going to sound like a right old bore) as there were a few loud, chavvy families and groups of drunk women shouting and cackling the whole flight, then including a number of stressed first time flyers, definitely a flight to forget! The Ryan Air transfers weren’t great either so I wouldn’t recommend using them especially if you’re travelling late at night. We got to our hotel at around 2am and settled in for the night ready for a full day of sunning ourselves. The hotel we booked was called Santa Rosa and I’d definitely stay there again. Whilst it was slightly old fashioned, it was really clean with big rooms and a really good breakfast. We also only paid £320 for 4 nights, breakfast included so definitely one to consider if you go to Lloret. I think the benefit with going bed and breakfast is how much money you save (I’m a real bargain hunter if you can’t already tell). As it was included in the price we filled ourselves with bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast and everything else in the morning meaning you didn’t need to spend unnecessary money throughout the day and by the time you’re going for your evening meal you’re feeling peckish again.

The first thing Jake and I do when on holiday is explore the surrounding areas, we like to get our bearings before doing anything else so on Thursday morning we went for a wander along the sea front, scouting out bars and restaurants and most importantly the best sunbathing spots. The beach in Lloret does get really busy but with it being such a big bay there’s always space near the sea to sunbathe so we spent most of the day there. We’re not the best at relaxing as we both always like to be on the go, so in the afternoon we opted for a change of scenery and headed back to our hotel to try out the rooftop pool. This was definitely a huge bonus as it was quiet enough to get a sun lounger and they had a bar with really cheap sangria, what more could you ask for?! There’s nothing quite like the feeling on holiday where you’ve been out in the sun all day, smothered in sun cream, you get back to your room, have a shower, chill in bed with Lays crisps and Fanta lemon before getting ready to go out at night! Earlier in the day we’d found a row of outdoor restaurants along the sea front so on our first night we decided to go grab some paella and tapas at La Terrasseta and go for a few drinks. With it being June, the temperature at night was perfect so you could comfortably sit outside and take everything in. We tried out a few bars along the seafront but decided on calling it a night in preparation for a big night out the following day.

Friday morning we woke up, stuffed ourselves with breakfast then went for a wander. At either side of the bay there are viewpoints, one with the Castle d’en Plaja and the other with a Monument to the Fisherman’s Wife, both stunning places to take pictures. I do think there is a lot more to Lloret than people think, we expected a lot less before we travelled over so the fact they had attractions other than the nightlife and beach was a surprise and I’d definitely recommend visiting these areas if you go. Friday was a really hot day, we went out at 10am and by the time we got back to the hotel we were definitely ready to jump in the pool! We spent our day relaxing, drinking sangria and having a good laugh. I love it when me and Jake get down time just the two of us because we get a really good opportunity so just relax and enjoy our time together without thinking about work or anything else. We’d already decided that we wanted a crazy night on Friday so we went out and found the strip. It’s quite an odd dynamic in Lloret for nightlife compared to other places I’ve been like Napa and Malia. There’s a main road with a few bars and clubs dotted around and that’s what we thought was the strip so we weren’t the most impressed. We spoke to a bar tender who informed us that actually the main strip was tucked away off that main road. Once we found it we knew we were in for a good night. With pubs and clubs serving jugs of cocktails and free shots it’s your typical strip. We tried a few places which I can’t remember the names of but they were just good fun and not serious in the slightest! That’s mine and Jake’s kind of night out. I must admit, I’m a bit blurry thinking about the end of the evening but I had a great time!

Our final day came around, much quicker than we had wanted and after a slightly hungover lie in we went out for lunch and had a wander around the shops. There’s a really nice shopping area a few streets off the beach and they’ve a mixture of clothes, souvenirs and jewellery shops. One thing we noticed with Lloret was the fact each area was so different. You’d think you were in different destinations with each area you visited but that made it more enjoyable for sure. We decided on our last night to head out for food at 12 Lounge for even more paella and tapas; when in Spain! We took a stroll along the seafront later on and got an ice cream. With an early start on Sunday morning and a long travelling day ahead we packed up our things at the hotel and had a good nights rest.

5am came around way too soon, we got up, got ourselves ready and set off for the bus to the airport. I’ve never experienced a walk like this one! The bus station was located in the main clubbing area, meaning to get to it we had to encounter zombified holiday goers stumbling out of clubs at 6am and scoffing kebabs, not a pretty sight when you’re sober but definitely an experience! If you’re considering going to Lloret and figuring out transport you might find it quite difficult. For us as there was only two of us, the taxis to and from the airport were extortionate starting at around 50EUR for a 30 minute drive (I felt like fainting!). We decided to get the local bus as it’s a direct link and only 10EUR per person, however the timetables are a little skew-whiff. As we were flying at 11am we had checked online and found a bus at 8:15am, perfect timing. Only we found out the night before that actually the only bus we could get was 6:15am! It was just something we had to deal with but something for others definitely to consider! As we got to the airport so early we had just under 4 hours to kill, which we were both dreading, however even though Girona airport is tiny they have amazing facilities! The best facility for us was the rest area, with cushioned couches, tables and charging points meaning you could rest for a while before your flight. Most people these days would fly to Barcelona instead of Girona but you should consider it if you’re travelling in that direction! Our flight home was much better than the flight out and time seemed to fly by! We’ve had the best few days chilling and enjoying ourselves in Lloret de Mar. It totally exceeded our expectations and we’d definitely visit again!