UK travels, rain and sunshine, Malta memories and good times. My Summer has been jam-packed!

So much has happened since my last blog back in July. At that point I’d just completed Snowdon which was a huge achievement and something I enjoyed doing with my family. The weekend after we walked Snowdon, it was Adlington’s biggest weekend, Carnival. This day for me is one that can’t be missed. I love walking down the road at 11am watching the carnival parade, having a few beers in the sunshine (which we’ve been lucky with for the past few years) and catching up with people I rarely see. For people outside of Adlington it won’t be a big deal at all but for someone who has grown up in the village, it’s a fun day and always gets slightly out of hand (in a good way)!

The weekend after Carnival we travelled down to Telford and spent the night with family, eating pizza and toasting marshmallows round the fire. Ruby’s first ever horse show came next. For those who don’t know, Ruby is my niece, she’s only 3 and she’s already participated in her first show in Coppull. She was the CUTEST little rider, she made me so proud and even bagged herself a few rosettes. Give it a few more years and she’ll be a pro! Our final weekend before holidays was spent at my sisters, having a gin and nibbles night. I love gin and I’m always willing to try new flavours so we all decided to buy a bottle each and have a tasting night. This is such a fun idea if you don’t fancy going out, just buy a few different flavoured gins or tonics, some fruit and garnishing and you’re all set. Definitely a night to do again!

Next came Malta, the holiday I’d been needing since we moved back to the UK in April. Jake and I travelled out with his sister on the morning of the 6th August. As always I didn’t bother paying to reserve my seat so spent my flight watching films and reading magazines. As soon as we landed you could feel the heat and I couldn’t wait to get to Bugibba and catch up with everyone. Jake’s family had flown out earlier than us, so as soon as we got to the apartment we dumped our bags and went for a few drinks. At this point there were only a few of our group over, so we had a few chilled nights. Our second night was mine and Jake’s 1 year engagement anniversary so we went for a meal at this gorgeous new restaurant called Nine Lives in Bugibba. We just sat there for hours, admiring the view and sipping our wine. If you’re in or around Bugibba, I’d definitely recommend eating and drinking here. On our third night we travelled in to St Julians and met some of our work clients for a meal. We had been invited for a tour of The Villa, a gorgeous building within Balluta Bay which hosts two restaurant, one called Taro and the other is Nori, which is where we ate. The food was incredible, all Asian street food with a twist and the cocktails were equally as good and made to each individuals taste. The waiter came over to ask our preferences of flavours and spirits which the barman then used to make unique cocktails for us all. We had such a lovely evening and will definitely be returning to Nori again.

Over the weekend the rest of our group arrived. From there we went in to full holiday mode. Meals most nights, lots of drinking, dancing and generally enjoying ourselves. I felt like this year our whole group just reverted back to being teenagers. Every night we’d want to go out and party which we haven’t done properly for the last few years. There’s a few clubbing villages in Malta but my favourite is Gianpula. They always have events on that accommodate everyone’s music tastes and they have an area where you’re able to pre-drink before going in to one of their clubs. We tend to have more fun there than in the actual event! The first night at Gianpula is quite a blur for me but apparently I had a great time so that’s all that matters!

We spent our days chilling by the pool or at the rocks. As much as I love Malta, sometimes the heat during the day can become slightly unbearable. You can’t really get out and do much because it’s so hot but for me, I do generally prefer during my summer holiday to relax during the day meaning I’m feeling refreshed for the night. We do so much as a group every night, whether it’s something chilled, staying local or going out and having a boogie. I absolutely love spending time with the group who go to Malta and this year was my favourite in particular. I feel like there’s nothing I can put my finger on as to why it was so good, it just was! We made the most of spending every night together and had the best time! Later in the holiday we decided to rent jeeps and explore the island. We travelled out of Bugibba over to Mellieha then made our way down to Blue Grotto from there, where we finished our day. We travelled to beaches and villages in between. I love hiring the jeeps because for those few days you’re able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The second day of hiring the jeeps we went over to Gozo to explore the beaches over on Malta’s sister island.

The dreaded time had to come to say goodbye to Malta and part of the group. We’ve made friends with so many people from different countries over the years but the hardest goodbye was to our dutch besties. Knowing that we wouldn’t be going back to the UK and seeing them soon, it makes it difficult to say goodbye, especially when you’ve spent two weeks together every night. A New Years trip to the UK is definitely on the cards for them and we’ll hopefully fly to Groningen before August next year to visit them. We flew home very early on Tuesday 20th August and spent most of our day in and out of sleep, catching up ready to face the rest of the week at home. Luckily for me, I work from home so it’s easier for me to ease in to my work. Jake however threw himself straight back in, with a meeting on the day we got home. I’d love to have the passion he does for his work. Luckily for Jake he was off to Ibiza the Friday we got back so I took myself off to the caravan and spent a few days with my sister and nephews. The weather was gorgeous so we spent our days at the beach and our evenings watching films and having a good natter, despite how much complaining the boys did saying we were talking over the film!

As it was bank holiday weekend I’d planned to visit my friends for a barbecue on the Sunday evening. So I headed back from the caravan in the morning ready for that evening. Again, we had gorgeous weather and their back garden is a complete sun trap so the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks and food. I’ve got to admit, we got slightly carried away that night, a few too many gins (and jagers, eww). We spent the night dancing away to the most random songs and I took myself off to bed before 11pm! The sign of a good night I’d say. The morning after I woke with a fuzzy head but I was told we were going walking so I decided to man up and get my gym gear on. We drove to Yorkshire as we had decided to walk Whernside, which is the largest of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really feeling it and half way up I very nearly quit however I’m so glad I didn’t. The first half of the walk I found much harder than the last so when we reached the top I knew I had made the right decision to carry on. The views from Whernside are stunning and a walk I’ll definitely be doing again (not so hungover next time).

For most of last week, we spent our time in Telford again. What was meant to be a one night stopover turned in to three nights. I’m definitely not complaining as we had such a lovely time with family. Whilst Jake was busy working away with The Meat Man (filming a promo video for them) I spent my time, in between working, going for lunch with my cousin, attending her gym class and getting my nails done. A very enjoyable three days for me! We went for a meal on the Thursday night to the Ugly Duckling in Telford which was amazing! The place is gorgeous and the food is so tasty. I’ll be going back for sure. Since getting back from Telford I’ve enjoyed another meal for my cousins hen party. She gets married in 3 weeks and I can’t wait to celebrate her special day with family.

So, I think I’m all up to date with my Summer plans! We’ve got so much to look forward to over the next few months as well, with more hen parties, weddings and weekends away. Summer and Autumn always tend to get quite busy but I’m not complaining as I love keeping busy and catching up with friends and family!