I’ve never realised how weird 2020 looks written out in letters rather than numbers.

Random thoughts aside, happy late new year. I’ve been a little MIA with my blog in recent months and I guess it’s because I felt I didn’t have anything to write about, then came December and I didn’t actually have time to write a blog, so here I am in January 2020 making a ‘new years resolution’ to blog more! Part of me wonders whether new years resolutions are a good idea or whether it should be seen as something different. I know in previous years I’ve made new years resolutions which I haven’t stuck to and it gets to the end of the year and I feel disappointed in myself, so this year I’m just setting myself some realistic goals. I know myself well enough to realise I’ll never do dry January or completely cut out sugar because alcohol and sugary foods are a part of me! Instead I’m setting myself a goal to drink a little less, exercise more often and create a more balanced diet where I can still treat myself if I want to – realistic!

2020 is the year of planning for Jake and I. We’ve got a wedding to plan and a house to buy (fingers crossed!) so this year I need to be a real adult and get my shit together. I’m so fortunate to have lived abroad, travelled to different countries and bought myself nice things and whilst I’m pretty good at budgeting and I haven’t spent as much money doing things over the past few years as people would think, I need to get my save on. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, wedding planning has already started as we booked our venue last year however I’ve held off on doing anything else until this year as I didn’t want to start too early and change my mind on suppliers/colour schemes etc. I’ve got a million and one ideas about what I’d love for our big day and also the lead up to it so now it’s time to implement it. So far I’ve been in touch with a photographer and a venue for my hen do, just to get an idea of prices but everything else will really begin in March/April which I’m so excited for! I’ve got my spreadsheet ready and I’m raring to go!

Aside from wedding planning, one of the main aims for 2020 is to get on the property market. Jake and I have discussed so many different options regarding our living situation, as when we came back from Malta we needed a period of time to settle back to life in the UK and get the business up and running again. We’ve talked about living in Manchester, down South and even quaint places like Lytham but ultimately I think we’ll find a property fairly close to Adlington to be near friends and family and keep the business growing locally. You never know what might change but seen as we’re both really similar minded, we know what we want now. I believe our generation are at a time in our lives where our priorities are shifting more towards finding someone, buying property and really focusing on building a better future for ourselves. For me and Jake, we need to take the first step to buying a house and speak to a mortgage adviser to get the ball rolling and hopefully have our own place by the end of the year!

2020 is also my year of fitness. I’m not one to look at others on social media and feel down about myself because self confidence comes from within but I do want to get fitter and eat healthier this year. I can tell in myself that I’ve put on a little bit of weight and especially after Christmas I need to get my diet back on track so I’ve set myself a few goals to work towards. My first goal being the wedding. I’m determined to be slimmer for when I start dress shopping, that way I can get a better idea of how it will look on the big day and I’ll enjoy the shopping experience more. I’ve got a few months to drop a little weight and tone up then I will aim to maintain a healthy weight as long as I can (I’m not putting too much pressure on this, but I’ll feel so much better in myself if I achieve this). My second goal is more of a challenge. In late Summer I’m hoping to complete the Three Peaks which incorporate Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon to be completed within 24 hours and I’d love to raise money for charity by doing it. I’ve done Ben Nevis and Snowdon before but I just need to work on my timings seen as I’ve a more limited time to complete them in. This challenge has nothing to do with my weight but overall fitness, meaning a balanced diet and regular exercise is key. I’m aiming to walk most weekends and push myself, hoping to do each mountain once before the Three Peaks, so I can judge timing. Luckily my dad has agreed to driving and Jake wants to take part so I’m really looking forward to achieving this goal.

When it comes to business, Creative Individuals is going places in 2020. The team are implementing new ideas, tactics and projects for the year ahead and we can’t wait to see how this boosts the business. We introduced new concepts in 2019 like our podcast, Put The Phone Down and our plan is to grow these new concepts, adding in new elements as we go. As a new business, it takes time to settle in to the rhythm but we’re definitely at that point now and we know what we want to achieve. Being able to work with so many brilliant clients in the UK, Malta and Vienna makes our work so much more enjoyable and I’m so glad I decided to join Jake in his venture, I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else now.

I hope 2020 is my year, I’ve got a lot that I want to achieve and I’m excited to see how it unfolds. I can’t wait to make more memories with friends and family and step in to real adult life because as much as I feel like it sometimes, I’m not a kid anymore! If I can give any advice, set some realistic goals for yourself. I feel better already just by having something to work towards as I feel more motivated and excited for things to come.