I can’t explain to you how excited I am that we’ve booked our wedding photographer. With Jake and I being in the photography/videography industry it didn’t take much time to figure out what style we wanted but we just needed to find the right photographer to do the job. I’d been looking on Instagram/Hitched and many more platforms but remembered that I had been to my friends wedding in October 2019 and I loved the way their wedding photos turned out, I found the photographer on Instagram and told Jake. Jake was immediately interested as the photos were so natural and light, so seen as we’re having a Spring wedding it’s the perfect style for us.

The photographer is Claire Fromm, owner of The Fromm Shoppe. She’s based in Ribble Valley and has shot at our venue many times before so it seemed she was the perfect option for us, knowing the venue and being based in the same area, it just made sense. Initially I messaged her on Instagram and she emailed me with a quote giving us plenty of detail and really good prices! We decided from the initial contact that we wanted to meet with Claire so we took a drive up to her studio to have a look at her work and have a chat. She was so welcoming when we arrived, left us for 5 minutes to take a look at her work alone (this I loved because it gave Jake and I the opportunity to discuss between ourselves what we liked about her photography style without any pressure). Once we were done in the studio, she made us a brew and discussed our big day. The great thing about this initial meeting with Claire is that she wanted to know about us, what we wanted from a photographer and what timings we had in mind before putting her ideas across. Initially I had my mind set on only 5 hours of photography, enough to capture bridal prep, ceremony, bride and groom photos and speeches. I thought seen as we are also having a videographer, this is all the time we would need for photos however throughout the meeting it just dawned on Jake that maybe we should ask Claire to attend for 8 hours, capturing everything from bridal prep to first dance and cutting of the cake (I’ve never been more proud of Jake for suggesting this, there’s me trying to budget and Jake’s like let’s go for the full thing, I knew there was a reason I’m marrying him). Both Jake and I know just how important it is to capture photos and videos on your special day, we’ll only do it once and we want something to look back on in years to come, so making that decision to capture the full day was definitely the right thing to do.

By the end of our meeting we had a complete idea of what Claire could offer us and we placed a deposit there and then. I really believe in going with your gut, we did exactly the same for our venue as it was the first and only venue we viewed but immediately we realised this is what we wanted so we booked it. Claire really impressed us and she was the first photographer that we met but we had a great feeling about her so we decided to just go for it! After leaving Claire’s studio we headed home and by the time we were back I had already received a bridal photography pack from her, detailing literally everything I need to know for the big day, including timing that works for both us and her (which definitely helps). All we need to do know if figure out the final details and pay the final amount but we’ve got lots of time to do that. The next step for us is to book our registrar to make sure we get the time slot we want, I’ve been in touch with Lancashire County Council, all I need to do now is call them and make our booking so I’ll update you on my next blog with the best process for this. Once this is done, the real prep begins with dress shopping, hen do planning and decor buying. I can’t wait!