I’d like to talk about other things rather than the coronavirus.

Quite frankly I’m done with the media scaremongering surrounding the coronavirus so instead I’d like to talk about anything else! If you’d like a light hearted read about what I’ve been up to since my last blog, where I told you all about the latest wedding show I attended, then keep reading for travel talk and drunken days out gone toooooo far in Manchester!

The last time I wrote to you all was in February and I had just attended a wedding fair hosted by Brides Up North, at this point in time I had no idea that within the next two weeks I’d be jetting off to Vienna with Jake for a business trip (still including holiday time of course). We booked our flights last minute, arranged to stay with our friend Jonah and packed our bags ready for a full on week! We woke up early on Thursday morning and drove down to Manchester to catch our flight, landing in Vienna before lunchtime. I always love travelling in the morning, minus the groggy get up but it means you get pretty much a full day upon arrival. Jonah was working as we arrived so we dropped our bags at his apartment and went to grab some lunch. I’d been excited to try the different places Jonah had in mind for us but with Jake being the tour guide for the afternoon, I ended up being slightly less satisfied with his choice of cafe (picture working mans cafe with a long service time and v.basic food but I’ll finally forgive him haha). First impressions of Vienna, I was quite impressed and I’d only seen the high street next to Jonah’s place. We went to a gig that evening, had a few drinks, a quick pit stop on the way home for pad thai and back to the apartment. Friday and Saturday we’d planned to spend time at 360° Fashion Lab whom we’ve worked with from the start of their business opening. We spent Friday talking about big plans for the future of the company. Saturday was spent partaking in a workshop with a fashion consultant from Belgium. Her background and contacts were amazing and she had so much knowledge in the fashion industry that made the day so enjoyable and interesting. Having no experience in this industry aside from styling myself (I’d like to think quite well!) I found out so much information and loved hearing stories of fashion designers across the world. After a long day of chatting and learning, we decided to go out on Saturday night, starting the night at Jonahs apartment having pre drinks and ending our night at 5am at Volksgarten, a nightclub in Vienna which I’d highly suggest visiting if you’re over there!

Sunday morning we had a lie in, to nurse the hangover slightly, had breakfast and decided as it was the day of rest to take some time off from work and explore the city. Jake has been once before and when he came home and told me how beautiful it was, I believed him but didn’t think too much of it, until I saw the city myself. Vienna is hands down one of the most stunning architectural places I’ve ever visited. Our example was, when you go to London to look at Buckingham Palace, there’s a palace on every corner in Vienna. It blew me away and seen as I was a little delicate that day I just wandered around in my own bubble, trying to take everything in, whilst Jake and Jonah wandered in front discussing business. Once we’d had an explore around the city centre the lads had a great idea of hiring electric scooters. Now if you don’t know me too well, you won’t realise how bad I am on bikes, scooters, basically anything with wheels aside from a car so I was dreading hopping on an electric scooter in the city centre and what made it even worse was my beer fear that day. We rode about 30 minutes out of the centre to the river leading out into the Austrain mountains and luckily for me, I didn’t fall off the scooter maybe because I was travelling at about 10 mph. Safe to say I would definitely use one again as it’s a great way of sightseeing!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all seemed to blur into one seen as we got so much done. In between working on Tuesday Jake and I were asked to model (yes I know, so model worthy!) for a video for a company who Jonah works with, Fly First for Less. We travelled to different locations in Vienna shooting amazing content, drinking coffee and eating the BEST apple pie I’ve ever had. Our evenings were filled with eating mainly thai food (if you know, you know) and chilling at Jonahs apartment. Our final day we wanted to do something fun so we decided to visit the zoo. Vienna’s zoo is not only the most beautiful zoo I’ve ever visited but also it’s the oldest in the world which definitely made it worth the trip. It’s set on a huge estate behind Schoenbrunn Palace where many historical figures, well known in Vienna, have lived so the setting is just out of this world. After a few hours exploring the zoo we spent the afternoon working and headed out for a few drinks in the evening before having to fly home in the morning. One place where Jonah took us on Wednesday evening was the rooftop bar at 25 hours Hotel. They’ve got a 1920’s theme going on and people head there to drink cocktails and dance with strangers which I loved! It’s safe to say I’ll definitely be visiting Vienna again!

Since I’ve been back home there’s been a lot going on! I spent Friday 6th March at the The Blast Off Tour at Manchester Arena with my sister and her friend. We had the best night dancing to old school RnB music and to top it all off Nelly was the closing act which blew my mind! To anyone thinking of going to a Kisstory event I’d highly recommend it, it was so much fun! Jake and I spent the weekend in Manchester with Jonah, who’d made a pit stop before jetting off to the US. That brings us to last weekend, which is a story in itself and not one I’m particularly happy to tell but I will anyway! So, Sunday was one of my closest friends birthdays, she turned 25 and in true Lea style we decided to go for bottomless brunch at The Refinery in Spinningfields, Manchester on Saturday. If you haven’t heard the concept of bottomless brunch, I’ll explain. You book a table which you can sit at for about 2 hours, within those two hours you are served basically as much prosecco as you can drink, lethal. So we had our table booked at 12:30pm, we got all dolled up at Leas and got a lift down to Manchester to start our day. The brunch started so lovely, presents were given, we had food and cake and a few drinks but subconsciously as time goes on you realise that time is running out so you need to finish your drinks quicker and make the most of it and for a lightweight like me, that’s a bad idea. In summary, I remember up until around 3pm before I was picked up by my friends fella and put in her bed to get some sleep, at about 4pm… 4pm?! Jake came to pick me up at 8 and had to deal with a drunk, sleepy Meg and a group of drunk girls, falling asleep in the car and crying because they thought they’d lost their phone which actually they were sat on. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the few hours I recall but maybe a lesson learnt to avoid bottomless brunch at all costs! However, a big happy birthday to my girl!

Since Monday I’ve been back at it with work, trying to carry on as usual with the current situation and I’m definitely ready for a weekend off drinking and hiking somewhere where we won’t come into contact with any other person for miles. Also, if you’re still reading at this point, I salute you. As always, I hope you enjoyed my latest blog and I’ll see you for the next one!